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The Everything World War II Book, 2nd Edition


From Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939 to the official end of World War II on 2 September 1945,The Everything World War II by David White The Eveything World War II Book, 2nd Edition provides readers with detailed information about the war that left no nation untouched. Clear maps and vivid photographs bring this war to life and illustrate the major battles in the European, Pacific, and African theaters.

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The Everything World War II Book, 2nd Edition is packed with exhaustively researched information. Revised and updated by two experienced historians, this engrossing reference contains new information on the United Nations, World War II memorials, and a timeline of important dates. There’s no need to search through stacks of history books – The Everything World Ward Book, 2nd Edition has all that readers need to learn about this fascinating time in history.

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