Rachel Abbott DI Tom Douglas 03 Sleep Tight 2019


Rachel Abbott DI Tom Douglas 03 Sleep Tight Kindle PDF 2019

One of THE best mystery suspense novels!’ – Amazon Vine Voice

An excellent and intriguing start which had me hooked from the first page.Rachel Abbott DI Tom Douglas 03 Sleep Tight – S Wilton


How far would you go to hold on to the people you love?

reason to fear the worst; All the evidence suggests that she was here, in the family home, that morning.

Has the past caught up with Olivia?

Sleep Tight – if you can. You never know who’s watching.


Praise for Sleep Tight

‘Rachel Abbott has a keen understanding of the mind, behaviour patterns, thought processes and personality of a stalker, who evolves into a controlling abusive partner. He seems like the perfect husband and the adoring father to outsiders. Inside the life of his victims it is an entirely different story.’ – Cheryl M-M, book blogger

Praise for Rachel Abbott

‘Rachel Abbott is skilled at showing insight into the motives and psychology behind her characters’ behaviour, and had me thinking about each of them as I read; what were their motives, their secrets, their relationships.’ – Goodreads reviewer

Rachel is amazing at building tension and keeping you turning page after page’ – Crime Book Club

‘Rachel Abbott is a master of intrigue, suspense, and mystery. Her stories are not tied up with a pretty bow at the end.’ – Aimee, Goodreads

‘Rachel Abbott is a talented writer who brings a lot of great tools to the table. She does a magnificent job of setting the scene, and providing beautiful prose for descriptions. Her attention to detail is to be admired.’ Giacomo, reviewer

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