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As my husband and I walked to our car one day after my Turbo Kick class, heasked, “Why do you think that some of the people taking your class still have thesame 20 pounds to lose that they had when they started 5 years ago, and othershave completely transformed themselves and kept the weight off?”Annoyed and feeling a bit responsible, I made it my mission to figure outwhat separated these two types of students.After a few months of talking with people and observing them, I realized thatthe traits of the successful fitness enthusiasts had everything in common withthose of the high achievers I had spent years studying in business.Accomplished, goal-mastering individuals live by the laws of success. It wasn’tthat their mind-set was so different or that they were of a particular geneticcomposition, displayed a specific intensity, or worked out more often.What separated those who looked the same after 5 years from those who wereable to transform their bodies and maintain their physique were merely theirhabits PUSH 30 Days to by Chalene Johnson Review 2019.

Health and Success Is a Matter of Habit

The solution has been in front of us all along. Habits are the key to success—
routine behaviors so natural you don’t need to give them much thought.Successful people adopt the laws of success by creating lifelong habits thatbecome ingrained and as much a part of who they are as the color of their eyes.They don’t have to think about it. It’s not torturous. It doesn’t control their everyconscious thought. It becomes second nature.This book is about habits: how to break the bad ones and create the successfulones.Plenty of diet books do an exceptional job of teaching the principles ofchanging your mind-set, shifting your thinking, and altering the way you processinformation to help you change your body. Awesome books built on soundresearch. I love the idea of changing the way you think. But where most of thesebooks fall short is that they miss what I have discovered to be the secret to long-term happiness and sustained weight management: the application of the laws ofsuccess.The ingredients to lasting success in any area are universal, and one of the keyingredients is our consistent action. Those actions become our habits. Thosehabits change our thinking. Those habits change our body. Those habits defineour destiny.Habits have nothing to do with skill, financial position, education, appearance,or gifts from God. Anyone can learn to create a new habit. The right habits arethe only things that separate you from the life you want to live.It’s very likely, however, that the life you currently have is making you fat. Ohsure, I can give you a great diet that, strictly followed, will allow you to dropmegapounds, fast. If you want, feel free to skip the important stuff and jump intoanother diet. If you just love the roller-coaster diet and you think the stress linesacross your forehead are quite attractive, well then, be my guest and skip the first30-Day Push program in this book and go right to Part 2, the bangin’ bodyworkout. But if you do that, just know it’ll be like sticking a Band-Aid on abullet wound; another diet or a 30-day exercise program provides a temporaryfix. But I think we’ve established that you’re looking for a solution. Look nofurther PUSH 30 Days to by Chalene Johnson Review 2019.


Weight Isn’t the Problem, Weight Loss Isn’t theSolution


There are plenty of health experts out there prescribing lifestyles that might workif we lived in a utopian society where everyone gets 9 hours of sleep, receivesmassages once a week, and has a chef on staff, no kids, and 2 hours a day to
spend in the gym.Uh, hello! Reality check! I’m a crazy-busy devoted mom of two, I run severalnon-fitness-related businesses, and I enjoy date nights with my husband. I don’thave a chef. We do have homework. There’s always some kind of emergency, ordog poop to be picked up, and I have exactly 1 hour a day to exercise.I live on this planet. I’m not going to freak out if on occasion you have a dietsoda. Trust me, there are plenty of people who know more about exercise andnutrition than I do. The way that I have been of service to millions of people isby solving their health and fitness problems.Your diet is a symptom. Your fitness or lack thereof is a symptom. They arenot the problem, which is why addressing those areas as the solution providesonly temporary relief.I must admit that for the first 10 years of my career as a fitness professional, Itoo approached weight loss and fitness for my clients from this same datedperspective. I was stoked that my programs and diets worked for my clients butmystified when 6 months or a year later these folks ended up gaining the weightback or falling off the fitness wagon entirely.Then it dawned on me. I was teaching them to drive a car without everchecking to see if they knew the rules of the road. Most would reach theirdestination, but eventually, when I handed over the wheel, they would crash.That’s why this book isn’t a “It worked for me, it should work for you, too”approach. That’s why I’m sharing the culmination of 2 decades’ worth ofinterviews, studies, correspondences, follow-ups, medically supervised weight-loss and test groups, observations, and an exhaustive commitment to give youthe best of what really works. A solution.I’ve spent the past 20 years studying thousands of people. Listening,interviewing, tracking lasting success, understanding human nature, andunraveling the mystery of why some people diet all their lives and some make apermanent change. What I’ve learned is that you don’t need another diet. Youneed a simplified way to organize your life. As a matter of fact, I am going to putyour life on a diet so you can stop dieting once and for all.How do you put your life on a diet? Well, I’m going to show you—day byday, one pain-free baby step at a time. I’m going to teach you how to quicklyrebuild your foundation for success and identify where you want to go before westart your journey. I will share with you a “formula” to quickly discover whichgoals are right for you. This formula will allow you to set and master health andfitness goals that align perfectly with who you are and the life you want. I willteach you a few basic habits to restore balance, peace, happiness, andmanageability to your supersize, chaotic life. Instead of dictating the perfect
exercise program (which is kinda like an arranged marriage), I’ll help you findyour soul-mate workout, reach your fitness goals, blossom into a timemanagement expert, become organized, and develop the tools to simplifydifficult decisions.PUSH will show you how to recognize toxic friends and separate from themwithout a big fat hairy confrontation. You’ll learn how to deal with meddlingfamily members, establish structure in your weekly routine, and find motivationin almost every area of your life.I’ll share with you the time-tested system I’ve used to help thousands ofpeople not only reach their health and fitness goals but also learn how to live amore organized, purpose-driven, balanced life PUSH 30 Days to by Chalene Johnson Review 2019.


The Law of GYBIG (Get Your Butt in Gear!)


Oh, and . . . did I mention I like to start fires? Well, I do! So I plan to light a fireunder your butt and then step back and fan the flames!You’re about to learn a focus and confidence you never knew you had, andthrough this process things are going to get better. Your thinking will begin toshift, your stress level will drop, your brain will change, your body willtransform, and your life will gently sway into balance.This book will do more than chisel your waistline; it will change thelandscape of your life. Just a few days from now, people will smile, raise aneyebrow, and ask, “What has gotten into you? You’re like a different person.”We’ll start with a few choice habits. It’s much easier to change your behaviorthan it is to change your genetics. It’s also much easier to change behavior than itis to change thought patterns. In fact, it’s much easier to change a few habits andcreate new behavior patterns than it is to change your brain. As they say, behaveyour way to success, and eventually your brain will follow. Experts suggest thatmarried partners who have fallen out of love but who commit to behave asthough they are deeply in love with their spouse will eventually experience ashift in their beliefs about their marriage.I want you to know what works and what to do when it doesn’t. You’re apretty smart cookie. You’ve figured out that a one-size approach to this problemdoesn’t solve much. We’re individuals.You want success, and you want it to last. Success is a matter of changingyour routine and disciplining yourself to maintain a few well-proven habits.Period. Regardless of whether it’s diet, business, relationships, fitness, parenting,or all of the above that have brought you to this book, if you adopt a few new
habits, success is achievable. Best of all, once you rebuild your foundation withme in the first few chapters, the success you’ll experience will trickle down intonearly every area of your life.Your journey begins by learning the laws of success. The laws of successtriumphantly apply to diet and exercise as they do to any other area of our lives.So before I give you the “perfect diet” or the “ultimate routine” (which we willget to, I promise), we need to start with a foundation.Let’s get started!So while this is a “diet book,” I want you to think of it as a lifestyle diet. I’drather you adopt “a diet”—a way of living and eating that gives you joy. Really.Together, we will customize the way you’ll nourish and strengthen your body forthe rest of your life.You’re just about to learn the secret of how to do that. The truth is, it isn’t asecret at all PUSH 30 Days to by Chalene Johnson Review 2019.




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The cornerstone of all success begins with your foundation. By foundation, Imean the process of figuring out who you are, what’s important to you, whatgives you joy, what you want, and why you want it. When you build your life onbedrock, you stand tall, shoulders back, head up, smiling in the face of whatmight otherwise be a difficult decision, and just KNOW what’s right for you.You never wonder if you’re doing the proper thing or if you’re headed in theright direction.Once you recognize your strengths and desires, you’ll identify goals—bothpersonal and physical—and analyze each for alignment with your prioritiesbefore you launch into action. As you learn basic time management and goalmastery, you’ll be able to execute any plan with precision and live the life youdeserve.Heavy stuff—and stuff most people will never do. Successful people do whatothers know they should but will not. To become a success, or just to be moresuccessful, you will do what average, less motivated people will not. Fewer than30 days from now, you will have established the habits and foundation that themost successful people on the planet share with you.
You’re willing to spend 30 days with me as your “pusher” because you’resupermotivated! And you’re supersmart—smart enough to know that creating thelife you deserve, and a bangin’ body, to boot—is worth giving me the reins forthe next 30 days.Sure, you can skip ahead to the exercise and nutrition stuff and avoid the workof building your foundation. But if you give me just a few minutes a day, 30days from now you can share the deeply ingrained habits of the most successfulpeople on the planet.It’s your life. It’s your health. It’s your future. You have dreams. You knowyou deserve more and that what you’ve done to this point has been average atbest. You’re no longer interested in average.Once this foundation has been poured . . . oh, man . . . look out PUSH 30 Days to by Chalene Johnson Review 2019!

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