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(PDF) Thomas Jefferson M Andrew Holowchak Review PDF

This is the first book to systematize the philosophical content of Thomas Jefferson’s writings. Sifting through Jefferson’s many addresses, messages, and letters, philosopher M. Andrew Holowchak uncovers an intensely curious Enlightenment thinker with a well-constructed, people-sympathetic, and consistent philosophy. As the author shows, Jefferson’s philosophical views encompassed human nature, the cosmos, politics, morality, and education. Beginning with his understanding of the cosmos, part one considers Jefferson’s philosophical naturalism and the influence on him of Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, and John Locke. The next section critically examines his political viewpoints, specifically his republicanism, liberalism, and progressivism. The third part, “Jefferson on Morality,” analyzes Jefferson’s thoughts on human nature, his moral-sense theory, and his notion of “natural aristoi” (best or most virtuous citizens). Finally, “Jefferson on Education” reviews his ideas on properly educating the people of the new nation for responsible, participatory citizenry.Jefferson conceived of the United States as a “great experiment”-embodying a vision of a government responsibly representative of its people and functioning for the sake of them. This book will help readers understand the philosophical perspective that sustained this audacious, innovative, and people-first experiment.




“”Holowchak offers an exceptionally insightful account of the central philosophical aspects of Jefferson’s famously complicated intellectual outlook―and with style and clarity that make them readily comprehensible for both scholars and laymen. This is a genuinely interesting contribution to Jefferson scholarship, particularly concerning the often-neglected Stoic and Aristotelian influences on his thinking.” ―Ari Helo, PhD, Senior University Lecturer in the History of Science and Ideas Program at the University of Oulu, Finland; author of Thomas Jefferson’s Ethics and the Politics of Human Progress“[This book] suggests that many of the political ideals we properly associate with Jefferson―liberty, equality, meritocracy, republicanism―have been mistaken for ends rather than means inseparable from his moral telos: human happiness. M. Andrew Holowchak argues that Jefferson’s political and educational philosophy was a concomitant of his normative ethic, and that his ideal republic, designed to maximize public happiness, was something of a scientific experiment whose efficacy in the progressive realization of human flourishing would be empirically verifiable over time through observation of outcomes. The book effectively unites Jefferson’s moral and ethical thought with his political and educational thought and offers us a coherent thinker who is as much a philosopher as a statesman. It is a significant and welcome contribution to the literature.” ―Brian Steele, associate professor of history, University of Alabama–BirminghamPraise for Framing a Legend: “Dr. Holowchak meticulously destroys the lack of scholarship, the pre-determined agenda and the malicious fabrications of these three authors…. The work is scholarly, professional and very refreshing opposed to the lurid assumptions of the detractors. Anyone who enjoys truth over titillation will enjoy this book.”―San Francisco Book Review “A powerful survey recommended for any study of Presidential history in general and Jefferson’s life in particular.”―California Bookwatch


About the Author


M. Andrew Holowchak is an adjunct assistant professor of philosophy at Rider
University in Lawrence Township, NJ, and a part-time member of the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. He is the author of Framing a Legend: Exposing the Distorted History of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings; Dutiful Correspondent: Philosophical Essays on Thomas Jefferson, and many other books on philosophy, critical thinking, and psychoanalysis, along with numerous articles in scholarly journals. He is also the editor of Thomas Jefferson and Philosophy: Essays on the Philosophical Cast of Jefferson’s Writings.


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