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PDF Creative Schools I’ve spent my life working in education. Along the way, I’ve been inspiredby many extraordinary teachers, scholars, and practitioners in all sorts offields. There are, as they say, far too many to thank individually. The scaleof my debt should become obvious as you read these pages, and especiallyto all of those in schools and elsewhere whose work we reference anddescribe. Nonetheless, I do need to thank some specific people who had adirect hand in producing this book.First, I want to thank Lou Aronica, my cowriter and collaborator. Heconducted and drafted many of the interviews and case studies that wefeature here and, from start to finish, has been an expert and wise partnerin the whole process. I’m immensely grateful. Thank you, Lou.John Robinson did much of the background research and fact-checking.He contributed enormously in many other ways to the overall process ofenquiry and to making this for me an enjoyable, as well as an important,project.Our literary agent, Peter Miller, was as professional as ever in ensuringthe best route to publication. Kathryn Court and Tara Singh Carlson atPenguin have been expert partners in bringing the book into the world inits present form.Jodi Rose was, as she always is, a maestro in making sure that all themoving parts of a complex schedule were properly prioritized and inalways helping me see when things I thought really mattered really didn’t.My daughter, Kate Robinson, was a constant source of constructivesupport, sharing, as she does, a passion for these issues. My son, James,pressed me, as he always does, to be clearer and sharper in saying what Imean and meaning what I say.Above all, I’m grateful, in more ways than I can say, to Terry, mypartner in work and life, who sustains me always with her conviction thatwhat we do matters. Her unerring sense of the right path to take and the
right values to uphold challenges me every day. A constant guide andmentor, it’s hard to imagine what I would achieve without her.

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