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Oswald Mosley

Patriotism and Revolution

FASCISM is a creed of patriotism and revolution. For Hie first time a strong movement emerges, which on the one hand is loyal to King and Country, and on the other hand stands for far-reaching and revolutionary changes in government, in economics, and in life itself. Hitherto, patriotism has been associated with those who wish to keep things as they are; revolution has been associated with a flabby internationalism which sets the interests of foreign countries before those of Britain. The watchword of Fascism is “Britain First”. We love our country’, but we are determined to build a country worthy of that love.

Things camiot remain as they are: we must have great changes to adapt modem Britain to modem fact. True patriotism finds expression for the first time in the revolution of Fascism.

II Action

THE first necessity’ of the day is action. Again and again, the people have voted for programmes of action. Again and again they have been betrayed by the existing parties

and frustrated by the present system. Conservatives have tried to keep things as they are, and to maintain what they call the stability of the State. For the purpose of resisting change, they have appealed to loyalty and patriotism. But to resist change in an age when change is necessary, is to threaten the stability and safety of the State, and is the reverse of patriotism. Socialists, on the other hand, have talked of progress, but have sought it in the endless discussions of talkative committees. They have rejected and derided the great instruments of leadership and decision by which alone things can be done

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